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Just Released :  The Three Rivers, English Countryside Panoramic wallpaper

Harking back to the English Countrysides during the 1700's these engravings present a perfect combination of geographical interest and satisfying the ‘armchair travellers’ appetite for both ‘exoticism and realism’.  This panorama was created for Majesty Maps & Prints and exists nowhere else. #Picturesque wallpaper scene

Print Size by Height: 48″H x 198.5″W or 96″H x 397″W

Printed on pre-pasted latex-based wet strength wallcovering media for residential, hospitality, commercial and retail design. Class A, B1, and EN 13501 approved fire certifications.

We will customize to fit your needs, Color & Size, Email us to get an order started.



What is panoramic wallpaper?

Panoramic or scenic wallpaper consists of several rolls which, when pieced together, create a complete picture. It came into vogue in the 18th century, particularly in France. Extremely expensive and luxurious, it featured only in the richest of homes, as a means of displaying wealth. Most panoramic wallpaper depicted exotic, overseas scenes, a way of bringing the fantasy of travel, escape and unknown experiences into the home. Like dioramas, such wallpapers were the ‘cinematic’ entertainment of the day, particularly for inhabitants of the increasingly urbanised cities.

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