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Chinoiserie – J.B. Pillement – Murals 1/2

Jean-Baptiste Pillement (Lyon 1728-1808) 1755 Chinoiserie scenes. Printed on pre-pasted latex-based wet strength wallcovering media for residential, hospitality, commercial and retail design. Class A, B1, and EN 13501 approved fire certifications.


Chi·noi·se·rie: the imitation or evocation of Chinese motifs and techniques in Western art, furniture, and architecture, especially in the 18th century.


Ever since the various East India Companies had begun to introduce porcelain and other exotic oriental goods to Europe in the 17th century, East Asia had fascinated Europeans. Chinoiserie designs by the French painter and designer Jean-Baptiste Pillement demonstrates how Pillement adapted traditional French Rococo ornament to his own idea of Chinese patterns suited to British taste.


Jean-Baptiste Pillement was a painter and designer, known for his exquisite and delicate landscapes, but whose importance lies primarily in the engravings done after his drawings and their influence in spreading the Rococo style, and particularly the taste for chinoiserie, throughout Europe. Pillement’s illustrations are a mixture of fantastic birds, flora & fauna, large human figures and chinoiserie. His designs were used by engravers and decorators on porcelain and pottery, but also on textiles, wallpaper and silver.   J.B. Pillement


MURAL 1: Size: 96″ x 142.5″ $1475.00
MURAL 2: Size: 96″ x 96″  $999.00

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